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play from first year starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor in 2015. I had been eating well and even avoided my favorite meal: Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen fried chicken with a biscuit. But he was not listed on the league required injury reports for a concussion or head injury at any point during either the 2016 calendar [...]

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  • October 21st, 2017 by Abhishek

Congratulations to CRYPTOcrats

Here is a special ‘Thank You’ note to all the Members and Supporters of CRYPTOcrats. It has been 1 year since we moved into this new home at www.cryptocrats.com.
-Team CRYPTOcrats.

Event Report : CRYPTOmeet – 19 Dec 2008, PUNE

In the era of communication revolution, though everyone is just a click away, the aura that gets developed by personal interaction cannot be replaced by electronic media.
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CRYPTOcrats recently had its first CRYPTOmeet. The idea behind CRYPTOmeet was to bring together all the present and [...]

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  • January 6th, 2009 by Rohit

MD5 – The hash algorithm is now Broken!!!

This blog is authored by Aniruddha Shrotri a fellow CRYPTOcrat.  Aniruddha is the CTO and Co-founder of E-Lock. E-Lock specializes in Digital Signature & Electronic Signature Software Solutions. Aniruddha has been active in the PKI domain for a long time and in a great position to write a note about what this recent NEWS about [...]

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