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Statement of Purpose (SoP)

Definitely not very cryptic and most of you would have already cracked it but then for the benefit of some of the others here is the story behind our logo this is also our SoP.

The white and Red colors stand for the color of our ‘hat’. Yellow is the color of our exuberance, enthusiasm and motivation to keep going. The key stands for the purpose of our existence – To help in deciphering mysteries (Black) using the art of Cryptography/Security (Red). The shape -’STAR’ is the seal of authenticity.

The CRYPTOcrats big logo

This brings out our raison d’etre and the logo is just a representation of that.

The Legacy continues : 8 year history of CRYPTOcrats

The story so far ..

Ok.. So I received a lot of questions on this so let me put together a short write up on the history of CRYPTOcrats..


What is CRYPTOcrats today started as a small group in early 2001 by Me & few security engineers under guidance of our mentor. The group worked together for a small company called PACE Soft Silicon based in Pune, India. This was a bunch of very enthusiastic young group of people passionate about Cryptography and the application of algorithms in commercial systems. The group was called CRYPTOS then and this was the logo adopted then. The group implemented and developed lots of cryptographic algorithms, security protocols for embedded systems. CRYPTOS also created comprehensive security architecture and many innovations. Unfortunately, 2004 was particularly a bad year and we couldn’t continue as CRYPTOS actively in following years.

The CRYPTOcrats logo 2007

CRYPTOcrats (2007)

In early 2007, I decided to resurrect the whole CRYPTOS initiative and this time around wanted it to be more open to cover larger scope. I was joined by few other Crypto crazy in this cause and finalized on on using the Groups and Associations feature in Linkedin. To revamp and broaden the scope for CRYPTOS we decided to adopt a new name, a new logo and an improved vision. The new name was “CRYPTOcrats” and what you see above was the new logo. This time the group had a blog site and also many new active members. The team brainstormed and created the purpose, raison d’etre, for CRYPTOcrats which was – “To bring, Crypto researchers, Engineering, Industry experts, and Business gurus together for everyone’s benefit”. We kicked off the activity as a special interest group on Linkedin. The interest in this group was growing and we soon had 30 members from various geographies and varied backgrounds.

The CRYPTOcrats logo 2008CRYPTOcrats (2008)

Looking at the growing interest we decided to move into a new home at www.cryptocrats.com. We formally launched this on 6th April 2008 and receiving blessings from many senior personalities from the industry. What you see here is the newest logo for CRYPTOcrats. The response to our initiative is growing very fast and we should soon be receiving our 100th member.

So if you like what we do and think you want to be part of this special interest group send us a message (Link to join the group is provided at the bottom of this page). Also if you have any comments, inputs or suggestions please feel free to send those as well.

Gnidaer yppah

(That’s not so difficult to crack is it!)

Do you wish to join CRYPTOcrats?

Here is the link to get the membership.

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