OpenSSL RNG problem discovered on Debian!

Posted by Amit | Encryption | Thursday 15 May 2008 12:10 pm

Well.. Ok.. I promise this will be a short-n-quick one and we SHALT have the article series as planned..

However, this NEWS just shocked me so could not resist of sharing with you all. It won’t be wrong to say most of us would have used OpenSSL package at least once during their professional life as a security developer. It is as good as a cult for many. (If you haven’t and don’t know don’t miss out on the opportunity to do so now. Here is the link to know more OpenSSL.)

I for one have been using openssl since the days it used to be called SSLeay, so that should be far back as 1997. It’s a masterpiece really! One of the most widely used and well supported packages in the Security/Crypto community.

Returning from my strong sentimental attachment to OpenSSL back to the reason for this post. Here is the link that describes the OpenSSL Random Number Generator issue. Friends at has some more details about who is affected by this vulnerability. Here is the link. The issue seriously affects the uniqueness of the keys generated on Debian making them predictable.

I think this brings us back to one of the earlier topics about Personalization of Private Keys.

Did any of you get affected? Any thoughts? Do write in your experiences in the comments section.

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