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Posted by Amit | Launch | Sunday 8 June 2008 2:04 pm

Updated statistics available as of 26 June 2008 and can be found under About US section here.

Only 6 months ago few of us got together and decided to have a web representation for our CRYPTOcrats group. Ever since that time in Dec’07 we have been growing up in numbers and I am happy to report some membership statistics now. Its quite interesting to see that such a specialized group got this great response and the credit goes to all of you members (CRYPTOcrats).

There are two distinct views* of the statistics. One is based on the profile of the members that shows the varied mix of people we have in the group. The other one is based on their geographical locations again quite varied and it is really nice to see that we are known in so many parts of the world now.

1. CRYPTOcrats and their job function

CRYPTOcrats & their Profiles, click to view larger size

There is a strong representation of Architects, Developers and Researchers on the group. It is also nice to see that quite a few CEOs & CTOs bring business leader level perspective to the group.

2. CRYPTOcrats and their geographical locations

CRYPTOcrats & their locations, click to view larger size

There is strong representation from India, however, this includes few members who are presently working in other parts of the word. Followed by India there is a strong representation from US and France. Quite interestingly lots of the senior CRYPTOcrats come from US & France and will soon be contributing to this website. We would look forward to having more representation from Israel, Switzerland and UK where lots of good work in Security and Cryptography is taking place.

I hope you will find this information useful and interesting. This is the first time we are publishing some statistics like this and would like to hear from you for us to improve. Please send in your comments directly to the moderator. Moving forward this information will have a permanent residence in the ‘About Us’ section of the website.

*The information presented here is authentic and purely based on what the members have displayed on their Linkedin profiles. The data collected as of 5th June 2008.

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