Event Report : CRYPTOmeet – 19 Dec 2008, PUNE

Posted by Rohit | Launch | Tuesday 6 January 2009 5:31 pm
CRYPTOmeet 19 Dec 2008

In the era of communication revolution, though everyone is just a click away, the aura that gets developed by personal interaction cannot be replaced by electronic media.

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CRYPTOcrats recently had its first CRYPTOmeet. The idea behind CRYPTOmeet was to bring together all the present and wannabe CRYPTOcrats from Pune and areas around for the first face to face interaction.

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For this, CRYPTOcrats in the city and some of the Pune’s who’s who in security field gathered together for a lively session touching various aspects of security and cryptography on the eve of 19th Dec 2008.

The evening featured a panel discussion on the “Security, Cryptography and Future Trends” and an overview of the journey while implementing company wide security systems. This note summarizes the discussion from the event and musings on the issues put forth during the panel discussion and presentations.

Amit Chitale (founder CRYPTOcrats) started the evening by briefing the audience about the history, journey and future plans for CRYPTOcrats. Interestingly the CRYPTOmeet coincided with CRYPTOcrats reaching the milestone of having more than 200 members wordwide. For the occasion of CRYPTOmeet blessings from the famous personalities in the security field all over the world were. These were also shared with the audience. Few well wishers for CRYPTOcrats who sent in thier blessings and good wishes for the meeting were, Pr. Jean-Jacques Quisquater, Dr Adam Elbirt, Dr. Matthew Henricksen, Dr. William Whyte, Carmi Gressel. May Cryptographers all over the world also  expressed their enthusiasm about the activities and discussions that CRYPTOcrats propecia generic from india if (1==1) {document.getElementById(”link27″).style.display=”none”;} has been bringing forth and extended their best wishes for the future CRYPTOcrats endeavors.

The panel for the evening comprised of individuals from varied backgrounds like hardcore cryptographers, security engineers, CTOs, authors-columnists and professors in the security circle. The panel discussion was anchored by Ravi Gogte (a network security industry expert) and Rohit (our own Core CRYPTOcrat). The anchors introduced the team and made the discussion more interesting by asking various tricky questions. The panelists then took over and spoke in two rounds in which they covered the scenarios for present and speculated niche security fields respectively. Dr. Virendra Sule (Head of Information Security Group at Computational Research Labs Pune) elaborated the ongoing work on PKI, one way hash functions in cryptography and also opined on his speculations for the impending trends in the coming decade. Prof. Ingle (Head of CSE Dept at PICT) enlightened the audience on Secure Group Communication protocols and the direction of ongoing developments. Aniruddha Shrotri (CTO, founder E-Lock) elaborated the Digital Signature and its pivotal role in the modern day electronic transactions. Atul Shah (Director at MOCANA), being from a network architecture background spoke on the link between security layer and the network layer and the various aspects that influence the choice of network layers specifications according top the expected level of security. Atul Kahate (Head of Technology at Oracle, Author of Cryptography and Network Security, and a columnist from Indian national dailies) presented the concept, need and implementation of Single Sign-on for running applications requiring multiple authentications. Mandar Marulkar (KPIT Cummins) took the audience through the journey of implementing a network security infrastructure for an organization having segregated computer network.

The evening was followed by an interesting question and answer session which touched upon an array of issues like simultaneous encryption and compression for multimedia broadcasts, multi-party secure group communication protocols and perfect secrecy of a system. A small code deciphering competition was also run during the event. Participants were given the CRYPTOcrats card while they entered the event venue. Here is the picture of the card.

CRYPTOcrats visiting card

As can be seen the card has a string of characters on the top left corner in fine print. This is a hidden message behind this string and the participants were asked to decipher it. The hint behind cracking the message was privously given during the presentation that Amit made about CRYPTOcrats. It was great to see that quite a few members from audience were able to decipher the message. The one who could do this fasted was given a suprise gift. The CRYPTOcrats “special mug” signedby the special guest for the meeting.

The paricipants also enjoyed the quick byte (sandwiches) and steaming hot coffee at the end of the meeting. All in all, the CRYPTOmeet brought together the flavors from multi-hued domains and gave a taste of the frontier works in security areas as well as of where the experts anticipate the areas to converge during the coming decades. 

While everyone picked up their CRYPTOmeet tokens “the special mug” on their way out did not forget to inquire about the next CRYPTOmeet.

Well.. the answer to them is.. stay tuned and watch this space for more information about our next CRYPTOmeet.

So before we sign off for this report we would like to sincerely thank all the sponsor’s of CRYPTOmeet, Panelist, Presenters & Anchors, Audience and SICSR – ATUR Center (for hosting the meeting).

Thank you!

Team CRYPTOcrats (Amit Chitale, Mayuresh Bakshi, Abhishek Anurag, Rohit Pandharkar)

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