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Posted by Amit | Launch | Sunday 6 April 2008 4:56 am


It gives me great pleasure to launch today when some of us in India are celebrating the festival of Gudi Padwa. This first day of the New Year per the Maharashtrian Calendar is celebrated by hoisting a “Gudi” – a decorated wooden stick outside the house . And for the curious ones this is how the “Gudi” looks.

CRYPTOcrats Logo

CRYPTOcrats started as a linkedin group and now we have reached a critical mass. The purpose of this group was to bring together the mix of Cryptography/Security enthusiasts, aficionados and experts. While I was sending out the invites to friends and like minded acquaintances we thought why not have our own website. So is this initiative where we would like to create forum for the group to discuss and read about Security/Cryptography.
There was a lot of hard work and sincere effort put in to create this and I hope you will use the forum to the group’s benefit to the fullest. There are a lot of people I would like to thank for their continued support. Few names that must be mentioned here are Mr. Ravi Gogte, Mr. Aniruddha Shrotri, Dr. Shridhar Shukla. They all have been encouraging us in the CRYPTOcrats cause.

A lot of thanks to the CRYPTOcrats founding team Mayuresh Bakshi and Abhishek Anurag.

Besides being a good source of information, a blog site, I am sure there are many other roles might play and We would like to hear your suggestions about that.

With this I would like to launch Lets all figure out how we want to use CRYPTOcrats more effectively in the time to come.

Thank you.

Amit Chitale


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  1. Comment by Aniruddha Shrotri — April 6, 2008 @ 5:31 am

    I am very happy to note that a blog is being launched to discuss esoteric
    yet significant subject like Cryptography and the effort is spearheaded by
    an expert and experienced personality in this field, my friend Amit Chitale.

    I am sure that this will help de-mystify this complex topic and make more
    and more people interested in it. Many are not even aware how this topic
    touches their businesses and will evolve to touch the personal communication
    as well. I hope that this blog will create awareness about cryptography and
    security issues in general in our wired as well as wireless communications.

    Here is wishing a great success to the blog CRYPTOcrats !! Happy blogging.

  2. Comment by Ravi Gogte — April 6, 2008 @ 5:32 am

    I am extremely happy to know that my colleague Amit Chitale is launching a Blog on the topic of Cryptography. This is a highly relevant technology but needs demystification for making it useful for content and transaction protection which are so vital in this era of Social and business networks.

    Amit Chitale is highly committed and has acquired high level of expertise in this difficult field over last decade by working at various levels. This should make the blog content highly professional and coupled with his orgnisational ability to bring various working experts to contribute to this blog would definitely make the site topical and interactive.

    Look forward to success of this blog.

    Ravi Gogte

    Jt. GM & Centre Head (Pune) at Tata Elxsi Limited

  3. Comment by Shridhar Shukla — April 6, 2008 @ 5:32 am

    Content protection is critical to monetization of information today. I am
    very happy to see CRYPTOcrats emerge – they are sure to drive innovation in
    this esoteric field by bringing together people who understand both
    technology and business.

    Shridhar Shukla

    Founder and Managing Director at Great Software Laboratory Pvt. Ltd.

  4. Comment by Virendra Sule — April 6, 2008 @ 12:49 pm

    Wishing great success to the CryptoCrat community. I am happy to see this initiative. Having come from academics and research background I am more aware of the cryptology research and learning the security technology being used in industry.

    In India I see a sizable community in this field but which has not yet made noteworthy contributions internationally. I hope with some efforts we should soon be able to make such achievements. Hope CryptoCrat will initiate steps along this direction.

    Virendra Sule
    Information Security Group, CRL Ltd. Pune

  5. Comment by Sartaj Ul Hasan — April 9, 2008 @ 10:39 pm

    Being a student of Mathematics, I have always been inclined towards the beautiful subject, namely, cryptology where Mathematics plays a very important role. It’s a matter of great pleasure to have a forum like CRYPTOcrats, which will certainly bring together all those who are interested in cryptology.
    Sartaj Ul Hasan
    PhD Sudent
    Department of Mathematics
    IIT Bombay

  6. Comment by Kapil Digani — April 12, 2008 @ 1:39 pm

    Good Luck!!

  7. Comment by Anirudh Sharma — April 23, 2008 @ 3:25 am

    Great Work :-)

    Would like to be a member and a contributor to this group. In India Cryptography is a subject still under the covers, this group supposedly will help me find people enthusiastic about the subject .
    and hey what are Cryptocrats’ future plans?


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