NAC market picking up

Posted by Mayuresh | Security | Friday 20 June 2008 7:08 am

I am sure many of you, who are working or worked with NAC vendors, would love to hear this. After a lot of talk about NAC market being dead, Infonetics has taken a fresh view of NAC market and predicts strong forecast ahead. Ref: Reports of NAC’s death have been greatly exaggerated; market up 16% in 1Q08

According to the research report, NAC market jumped 16% in 1Q08 to $62.7 million which means $10 million more over the previous quarter.

Though NAC market is still dominated by out-of-band appliances mainly from Cisco and Juniper, Infonetics predicts shift towards Ethernet switch based NAC appliances and in-line (bump in the wire) products. It predicts that purpose-built products from Consentry Networks and Nevis Networks will make up 25% of the NAC market. Being an ex-Nevis employee, I am really happy to know this and wish that it happens!!

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  1. Comment by Partha Chatterjee — June 20, 2008 @ 12:15 pm

    Hey Mayuresh, good to see your comments. Well it should be nice to see in-line NAC devices doing well, since I too am a fan of Nevis (being an ex-employee).. but the in-line NAC market is just too slow in picking up.

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