Soon to be published book authored by a fellow CRYPTOcrat

Posted by Amit | Security | Monday 9 June 2008 9:16 am

Dr. Adam J. Elbirt will soon be unveiling his new book titled “Understanding and Applying Cryptography and Data Security” and has graciously provided us a snippet of what the book is all about. Here is what Dr Adam wrote to us.

There are numerous books available that present cryptography and data security concepts from a variety of perspectives. While useful as reference texts when examining specifics of cryptographic algorithm and protocol implementation, these texts tend to be written from a mathematics perspective versus engineering and computer science viewpoints. Even books such as Applied Cryptography, by Bruce Schneier, are not truly suited to classroom environments though they are written to be accessible to those with a less formal mathematics background. Moreover, mathematics-based books fail to provide real-world examples that span the implementation domains of hardware, software, and embedded systems. This book describes cryptography and data security from the “how do I implement the algorithms and protocols” point of view, with relevant examples and homework problems that will be coded in software languages, such as assembly and C, as well as hardware description languages, such as VHDL and Verilog, to evaluate implementation results. The goal of these implementation comparisons is to provide students with a feel for what they may encounter in actual job situations, examining tradeoffs between code size, hardware logic resource requirements, memory usage, speed and throughput, power consumption, etc.

I am sure this book will be useful to many of us. If you wish to pre-order the book here is the link to its home on amazon’s website.

Dr. Adam is a long time CRYPTOcrat and an expert in NTRU Cryptosystems. He is currently serving as an Assistant Professor at University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Here is the link to Dr. Adam’s profile on Linkedin. We do look forward to seeing this book published soon. Here is wishing Dr. Adam from all of us at CRYPTOcrats a grand success for his new book and many more to come.

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